Sales and Distribution

OCL has extensive distributorship experience across the South Pacific and Asia, including being the leading distributor of some major global brands.

Our expertise in the procurement and delivery of technology products sets us apart from the competition, building our reputation as the go-to distributor for consumer electronic and FMCG brands.


What We Do

Our supplier relationships and well-designed warehouse system allow us to streamline the distribution chain from manufacturer to retail outlet.

Our mobile sales teams travel to stores to sell and deliver products. We use sophisticated mobile sales systems to track the location and performance of each sales team and outlet. This provides unparalleled clarity and transparency to our clients.

Technology point of difference.

  • Daily sales runs to store
  • A selected range of goods to provide focus on client brands
  • Superior reporting on sales and brand representation
  • Merchandising and promotional support
  • Stock count of client products at store
  • Competitor intelligence.
  • Site and branding audit. Includes photos of brandings at a store or location as well as a check list of what branding is available and where, for the client and competitors.
  • Customised B2B web site.

Comprehensive Backup and Support

At Oceanic, we will provide you with real-time reporting and network support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Crucially, our electronic distribution solutions make the provision of new services and promotions to customers an entirely stress-free exercise.

Plus, we are completely flexible in the services we provide. This includes in areas such as implementation, development, reporting, and staff training.