Oceanic offers a fully customisable fulfilment process to add value to your products in any way necessary.

To achieve this, we handle every step in the procurement chain from receiving the raw item directly from the supplier to shipping out the bar-coded end product complete with unique identifiers and security tagging.

In addition, we can source and package any promotional or additional items to be shipped alongside your product. Common tasks include assembly, retail packaging, bundling, reconfiguration, and firmware upgrade.


The Right Infrastructure and Experienced Team

We deliver this value-adding fulfilment service via a network of warehouses located across the South Pacific and Asia.

When you work with us, you can expect efficiency, flexibility, and consistent quality. We have procedures and guidelines in place to ensure you get a consistent level of service every time.

Oceanic is supported by sophisticated systems which tightly control the processes. For instance, we can manage and combine multiple serialized products accurately and efficiently.

Plus, we have a proven track record. For example, we have fulfilled millions of pre-paid and post-paid mobile phone handset and SIM packages on behalf of our network clients.