Electronic Distribution

Electronic Direct Top-Up

With our Electronic Distribution solutions, you can get access to Oceanic’s established Electronic Direct Top-Up services. This includes a network of thousands of locations across the South Pacific.

We can deliver a diverse range of products and services through this network. Our particular expertise includes developing and servicing comprehensive sales channels for prepaid top-ups.


What is Electronic Distribution?

Electronic Distribution is where services are delivered remotely. For example, a consumer can top-up their mobile phone or replenish their pre-paid electricity through a local merchant’s terminal.

Electronic Distribution avoids the cost and risk associated with scratch cards.

Electronic Distribution is suitable for services such as mobile top-up, pre-paid electricity, internet services, prepaid credit cards, and post-paid bill collection. In short, Electronic Distribution provides secure cash collection and instant delivery of any product or service that can be delivered virtually.


What is the Sales Experience?

PINs. The merchant will print a PIN to a thermal printer. The consumer then enters that PIN to their phone, electricity meter or as required. Optionally the PIN can be transmitted directly to the phone via SMS / USSD to avoid the printing step.

Direct Top-Up. The value is applied directly to the device. For example, the consumer’s phone number is entered to the EVD system at the time of sale, then the EVD system instantly applies the sold value to their prepaid mobile phone balance. This can be used for mobile phone top-up, electricity smart meters, satellite TV subscription, etc.

Direct Top-Up and PIN transmission does not require a merchant printer. Therefore sales can be conducted from a mobile phone. This offers a low cost, wide-reaching, and scalable distribution network; as Oceanic has.