Channel Management

OCL specialises in the management of entire sales channels. This gives us the ability to recruit and then distribute to and collect payment from third-parties at all levels of your sales network. Our services include proactively signing up to your sales channel sub-distributors and resellers, plus we offer hands-on training from knowledgeable and experienced staff.

We will also ensure the smooth flow of your product through the channel, whether the distribution is physical or electronic. Utilising the latest customer relationship management tools, we will also ensure every client in your sales channel receives an excellent standard of service.

Experience You Can Trust

In July 2011, OCL started rolling out several mobile money operations in Papua New Guinea. Our expertise in channel management helped us achieve 100 percent quarter-on-quarter growth in our first year of operation. We also reached fifty thousand customers and half a million transactions within this time.

More importantly, the business makes a genuine difference to the lives of people in the remote, mountainous regions of this extremely diverse landscape.