Electronic Distribution

Electronic Direct Top-Up

With our Electronic Distribution solutions, you can get access to OCL’s established Electronic Direct Top-Up services. This includes a network of 10,000 locations in seven South Pacific countries.
We deliver a diverse range of products and services through this network. Our particular expertise includes developing and servicing comprehensive sales channels for prepaid mobile phone top-ups.

Our network has capabilities beyond prepaid mobile top-ups, however. Other products and services we handle on our platform include:

  • Bill collection (utilities, cellular, home phone, internet)
  • Prepaid phone cards
  • Prepaid home phone
  • Prepaid internet and wireless
  • Prepaid Mastercard and Visa
  • Wireless content (ring-tones, graphics, games)

The platform we use to deliver our Electronic Direct Top-Up products comes from one of the world’s leading providers of transaction processing systems. The platform is used in more than 20 countries around the world, so you can have confidence it will deliver what you need.

Why use Oceanic’s Electronic Distribution network?

OCL is the only distribution company in New Zealand and the South Pacific nations with a complete end-to-end network that stretches across the region. The reasons you should use our network include:

  • Maximise the reach of your brand in the region
  • Makes it as easy as possible for customers to purchase your products anywhere in NZ and the South Pacific
  • Achieve accelerated market penetration
  • Maximise the visibility of your brand in the market
  • Our network enjoys high merchant retention and loyalty rates
  • Our network complies with all local regulations
  • You’ll get access to high-quality reports that give you detailed insights into your operations in the region

Cross-Border Top-Up

Using existing relationships with global airtime aggregators, OCL provides cross-border top-up solutions to enhance the service you offer to customers. For example, your customers can purchase top-ups for their family and friends in their home country. All cross-border transactions are in real-time and account for differences in exchange rates.

Pre-Paid Wi-Fi and Calling Cards (PIN Based)

In addition to direct top-up, OCL also distributes PIN-based products such as pre-paid Wi-Fi (internet) access and international calling cards. These products use the same platform as our direct top-up solutions. In other words, any merchant in our network with a terminal and receipt printer can sell your PIN-based products.