Our Values

At OCL, our values, alongside our commitment to local culture, set us apart from the competition. In each country we operate in, we employ and actively engage the local community in each step of our value chain.


Integrity is central and front of mind at OCL. We are open and transparent and are happy to be judged by our actions.


We maintain a commitment to timeliness and accuracy for our customers, embracing and operating to strict Service Level Agreements, DIFOTIS, or other agreed standards.

Growth and learning

OCL has a good track of providing growth opportunities for our staff, enabling them to develop and grow within the company to reach their full potential.


Our priority is to get it right first time, every time, and to deliver a service that exceeds your expectations.

Service to the community

OCL provides employment for local people in the areas we operate in. In addition, the company takes its other local responsibilities seriously. This includes paying all taxes as well as supporting local initiatives and programmes.