OCL provides logistics, distribution, electronic distribution, and channel management services. If you need help getting your products to customers in New Zealand and other countries in the South Pacific or Asia, you should contact us.

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Our Services

Our core industries are mobile phone products, mobile phone airtime top-up solutions, top-up solutions for other products, and providing distribution, 3PL/4PL, logistics, and channel management solutions for all types of consumer electronics product. We specialise in electronic vending solutions.

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Integrated 3PL, 4PL, Distribution and Value-added services company

3PL /4PL / Logistics

Place your goods in Oceanic’s managed warehouse service. Secure facilities, effective processes, modern systems with live reporting.

Procurement and Distribution

Oceanic has extensive distributorship experience across the South Pacific and Asia. We are the leading distributor of major global consumer brands. Let Oceanic’s procurement service source products to grow your brand in the South Pacific and Asia.

Electronic Distribution

Reach remote customers instantly with Oceanic’s electronic distribution network which vends virtual products like mobile airtime. There are thousands of outlets across South Pacific and Asia.

Client Support

Oceanic’s mobile sales platform captures sales by customer with GPS location, plus store branding photos and CRM information. Comprehensive reporting systems keep our clients fully informed.

Mobile Phone Products

Oceanic sources and distributes mobile phones and related accessories from a number of major manufacturers. We distribute hundreds of thousands of recharge scratch cards every year.

Our services

ePINS Distribution

Oceanic Communications Limited (Oceanic) has commenced distribution of electronic PINS (ePINS) top-up vouchers in its Papua New Guinea market.

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